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Michel Hambrick is an experienced Independent Agency Owner who is passionate about helping her clients protect their assets. We at Michel Hambrick Agency, Inc. thoroughly understand that a client is not just a number with calculated risks, but an individual who also benefits from having someone fully explain their policies in a comprehensive manner. We don't offer ``cookie-cutter`` solutions. We provide the most thorough and comprehensive options that will protect our clients at the time it matters the most, which is at the time of a claim. We educate our clients by making sure they understand the coverage's being offered and what each is designed to protect. We aim to advise, by offering our opinions regarding coverage options that are important to our clients. At the end of our process, each client should feel empowered to choose the coverage options that are most important to them and the protection of their assets. We aim to Educate, Advise and Empower!

Our primary focus is providing commercial coverages to small businesses of all shapes and sizes in our community we call home.

We also have the ability to provide your home and auto coverage as well through our relationship with CPR Financial & Insurance services.

The Michel Hambrick Agency, Inc looks forward to being of service whether you just need a second opinion regarding a question/concern or as your experienced independent firm to provide your insurance coverages.

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